Apr 29, 2010

I was reading a book recently about spina bifida and at the end of each chapter they had parents thoughts and comments regarding their experiences.
One of the comments has stuck with me. She was mentioning how special children are given to special parents, something we have been told a lot since we found out about Zachary. But she also added that sometimes it's not about the faith we have in God, but about the faith He has in us.

Our faith has played the largest part in all of this. We have leaned completely on God to know all things work together. But what an awesome thought that God would have enough faith (the actual definition of faith wouldn`t really apply to God...but in any case) in Ryan and I to raise the two boys we already have as well as Zachary and whatever may come.
This does not just apply to those who have a child with special needs (again a phrase I`m not fond of...but you know what I mean), but in all our lives.
I know enough people that are going through tough times right now.  Real life changing experiences.  And to think that God has enough faith in you to show others what He means in your life.  ``Make the most of every opportunity,`` one of my favourite verses, one that I constantly try to remember (of course not always easy when your in the eye of the storm).  God gives us each opportunity to live out our faith.

My oldest son Peyton has been asking questions about dying and heaven. Not always easy questions to answer.  I don`t lie to my children, but I still need to respond in age appropriate answers.  He once asked me why we were on earth. I asked a few more questions to try and determine the root of his question. It turns out he truly did want to know why we were even here.  The first thing that came to mind was to tell other people about God.  And as I said it, I thought, how true it was.  While we are here to worship God and believe that He sent His Son to die for our sins, what good is it if we never even tell anyone about it. And we have nothing to tell if we don`t already do the previous sentence.

This post sort of took me in a direction I wasn`t intending, it has a lot of thoughts that have really been important in my life the last few months.  Trying to raise my boys that they make a decision to follow Jesus, and live out my life in a way that is an example to those around me.  I always want to keep a greater perspective and remember life is not always about me and my situation.  Knowing that God has enough faith in me to send circumstances my way so that His glory can be seen.

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