Apr 26, 2010

Well it was a busy weekend. Ryan was out Friday night, so it was just me and the boys. Saturday I went out for a little bit to shop and then headed over to my mother in laws for the afternoon. She has Ryan do some sort of labour task for Mothers Day. I think it's a great idea and might remember it for when my boys are grown up. After supper we went to visit some friends and just hung out. We watched the movie The Proposal...boy was it funny. We got home around 1ish and then after feeding Zachary, headed to bed. We then had a busy Sunday, as we took off to Waterloo for a birthday party. Here's where the real adventure begins. Of course we were a wee bit tired from the night before, a got a slower start than we were suppose to. Our kids aren't used to long car rides, which actually makes me a little sad. Means we don't go anywhere! Regardless they had a movie on and played their DS's. We were almost there when Ryan realized he needed to get some money. So we pulled into a plaza and all of a sudden I hear Carter say "Mom, there's stuff coming out of Peyton's mouth." I turn to look and there is Peyton sitting with a stunned look on his face and throw up down the front of him. And then the gagging starts again. So now we are on a quest to find some clothes. I hadn't packed anything for them of course. As we were driving, Carter is then saying he has to pee, and Zachary is crying the hungry cry. We find a National Sports and Ryan takes us to the back part of the parking lot so I can have Carter pee (don't think less of me that I allowed my 3 year old to pee outside...desperate times call for desperate measures). Then I started to get the clothes off Peyton, and wipe up what I could from the van. After that was done I quickly tried to satisfy Zachary's hunger. So now we are over an hour and a half late for the party, that is only 4 hours long. So we had a good time seeing friends we don't get to see very often and then started off back home. So we left at 9.30am and got back home at 5.20pm for a 2 hour visit :) lol
It was one of those very comic moments in life as a parent. Needless to say I was in bed just after 9! Thankfully Zachary slept until 5.

This morning Carter woke up with a headache. Maybe insignficant, but he has been having them here and there for a little bit now. And this particular one started in the car ride yesterday. He hasn't changed any behaviours at this point, but I'm still not happy that my 3 year old is complaining of head pain.
To top that off, Peyton woke up with a sore throat. His third in the last 2 months :(. So he is home from school.
While Carter misses Peyton when he's gone and sort of drives me crazy during that time. I can get a more done on those days in the way of going out in about. So I'm not sure I will get to the things that I had planned for today unfortunately. Oh well. It looks like a tornado hit my kitchen, so maybe that should be cleaned up instead. :)

But in other news...Zachary has started to get a bald spot on the back of his head! While this may seem like a silly thing to post about, it is one of those things that he didn't have because he was on his side or stomach. So I took a picture :)

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  1. Sick kids are no fun! :(

    Kingsley is starting to lose his hair now too! I thought he'd lose it on the side, but it is going on the back now.