Apr 15, 2010

It might take me a couple posts to catch up on this weeks events. It sure has been a busy one!
On Monday I had an appointment for myself and Peyton. So that pretty much tied up the whole day. Zachary was 2 months on Monday. Although I always thought 12th was on Tuesday, so I totally missed his 2 month picture :( Very sad that happened. And you would think with all the appointments I have to keep track of, I would always know the date. But apparently that was not the case.
On Tuesday, Zachary and I went to Grandview.  A place in Oshawa that handles everything from speech impediments to a school for kids that cannot attend public school.  We were to see a social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech and language development as well as a Doctor.
The first lady we met with was a resident and had been working at Bloorview (a Spina Bifida clinic in TO).  I thought that was going to be great and she would be a good resource and contact. That did not turn out to be true. I had a really hard time with her. She was not very friendly and asked very broad questions that made the whole thing seem really akward.  Her tone was not uplifting and she didn't even know that SB kids are generally treated like they have a latex allergy. I was not impressed with her knowledge (or lack there of) and her bedside manner. Oh well.
The rest of the morning was fine, but not very helpful.  I felt like I walked away no further ahead.  Originally this was very annoying to me, but later on that day I had an epiphany.  There was nothing for me to walk away with, because there is nothing wrong with Zachary, he's perfect.  While that is obviously not true on all levels...as a newborn there is nothing extra for us to do with him.  Now the waiting list for Grandview is 9-12 months, so that will be around the time he starts to walk and then we will know more of what his limitations might be.
After that we were off to the paediatrician.  Nothing much there, but I did find out he weighs 11lbs 13oz.  I thought he would have been closer to 13lbs, but I think it's because he's so short it makes him seem bigger.  I decided to wait for his needles until next month, not too sure why, I just had a gut that I thought it best to delay them.
On Wednesday we were back at Sick Kids for the neuro clinic and head ultrasound.  Zachary slept through the ultrasound (he's such a great baby) and was so good the rest of the day.  Our U/S was for 10 and the Dr was for 11.45. We were taken in early for the U/S, which was fantastic, but then waited over an hour for the Dr. Oh well, what can you do.
I asked about the few stiches he still has, but they assured me they are dissovable and will eventually go away.  And of course I wanted to know if he could go on his back...which he now can YAY!! It was so fun to bring him home and play with him on his back.
So all in all it has been a busy week, but only good news has come of it.

Here's the only picture I got of him the day after he was two months :(
Happy 2 Months Zachary!

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