Apr 10, 2010

I remember my aunt coming to visit us in the hospital, she said "you have a really special boy there." I replied "yes I have three of them."  Of course my aunt had good intentions in what she said, but I was feeling like my two "normal" boys were being left out.  The outpouring of love we have received since having Zachary has been astounding and needed and appreciated.  But I also want to have everyone feel equal.  Not that he was more special because of how he was born.  I will never discount the miracles we saw along the way and will continue to see throughout his life, but that does not take away from the family I already had.
It is very important to me that it doesn't become them and him.  I want us to be a full unit. I realize Zachary will have more appointments and things that are going to be specific to him, but I don't want the other two to be lost in the shuffle.
I'm sure most families with a "special" baby feel the same way.  How do you continue to be "normal" when so much has changed.  I am thankful that my boys don't know any different.  This is how their baby brother is.  He has a boo boo on his back and don't touch it...that's all they have to watch out for.  So it's probably me that makes more if it. 
I am very thankful that at this stage in his life he doesn't require much extra care other than being careful with his back. He doesn't need a catheter, he doesn't have a shunt (although watching his head is a little nerve racking) and other than him peeing and pooing constantly, which makes changing a diaper more challenging, he is a wonderful new born.
So here's to my 3 wonderful boys, that are all miracles and will have their own challenges and exciting moments in their life whether they have spina bifida or not.

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  1. Well said! The sibling thing is something I'm always worrying about. So far, my girls are just like your boys - oblivious that the boo boo is sort of really important. Let's hope they never really realize it.