Apr 19, 2010

We are supposed to treat Zachary as though he is allergic to latex.  It has been found that most kids born with Spina Bifida develop some sort of intolerence to it.  So while in the hospital they didn't use latex gloves, I got rid of my balloons at home and had been googling since before he was born. But I feel at a loss for what I'm actually supposed to be watching out for.  Zachary has been around for 2 months and I'm still not sure what I should actually be cautious of.  When I was at Sick Kids last week, I asked the surgeon if they had any literature on latex allergies.  He said no, and basically should be fine in day to day things, just at the hospital would be the main place.  So now I'm even more nervous because I don't feel that was accurate, but I don't know what to believe from the internet. I really wish they would do a test on him at some point to see if or how allergic he is.  I feel so uneducated about something that could be a huge risk to my son. I would hate to think that I would expose him to something and not even realize it could hurt him.  This has been one of the most frustrating aspects of his spina bifida.
Well that's my rant. :)
Better start getting a move on supper...


  1. I know!! I find having him as my 3rd child is a nightmare. I look around the playroom and I'm sure it's crawling with latex, I just don't know it! If you join the SBHAO they send out some good info on it. Kingsley's paed said she's never actually met a myelo kid with a latex allergy and to not stress out about it. Balloons, gloves and condoms were tops on her list to avoid.

  2. I know I'm so late commenting on this.
    I posted about latex allergy here http://aboutspinabifida.blogspot.com/2010/06/learning-about-sb-what-is-in-that-latex.html and yes it drives my crazy!!!
    I asked about testing, but no one seems to know a reliable test. I have found that there is surprising little natural rubber latex in things. Most of the companies I have contacted say that their companies don't have latex.
    Bandaids are another common item and Sophie giraffe