Jun 29, 2011

Sorry it's not the best video as I was trying to film and have him walk towards me. 
 But really have you ever seen anything better!?!
(And please disregard the clutter)

Jun 28, 2011

I had a post all set in my head of how I would roll out this exciting news, however as I sit here to type, my words escape me.
And not that many words actually need to be used, except that I have no pictures of this grand event.

Picture a time after a bath, a fresh squishy baby, in a clean sleeper and finished the last of his milk for the day. Toddling around a dumped out box of jenga blocks and clinging to the coffee table that adds extra security to his careful steps.

I sat back away from that coffee table and encouraged him to let go and come find my embrace only steps away. And without any hesitation he turned to only have one hand still on the table and made his way towards me. It was only two steps and he quickly fell into me, but they were diliberate and on purpose. And to my surprise, he did it again!

It's amazing to think that last week was the first time he stood on his own for a length of time and now I am able to record baby steps taken. He also did not have his afo's on, so I can't wait to try it again tomorrow.

I am so proud of him, not that he is taking steps, but that he is finding the courage to embark on the next part of his journey. You never know what steps you can take until you let go and try. It's amazing how his journey can have such a big impact on the perspective in my life.

Jun 24, 2011

Not feeling so hot today, but I wanted to get this video up and share with you all :)

Jun 14, 2011

If I were a crier...

There would have been water works.
At our last physio appointment, I brought up the possibility of trying a walker for Zachary. It was on her list of things to do and wanted to introduce it the following week. Well the following week came and went and there was no physio, as Zachary came down with tonsilitis.
That was a long week to wait, but Monday came around I was ready to see what he could do. 
He was not happy with the arrangement at first, but after two lengths of the room he finally became curious about this contraption that I kept hovering behind him. And then on the third walk he finally took hold of the handles and away he went! That lead to him doing 3 lengths all on his own. And yes, I felt my eyes fill up with tears. I was so proud of him, just even the fact that as much as he resisted holding those handles, he discovered a taste of freedom.
Our lead up to Monday was a fun evening out to ribfest...mmmm so good. Amongst the food, friends and carnival rides, Zachary had another breakthrough. We have been trying so hard to have him walk only holding onto one hand, boy does he ever resist! But during our evening out, almost 80% of the time he toddled around only with one hand!!! Even on the playground, up a bridge and down a bridge (I thought that was a big deal :)).
It is still not something he does all the time, but it's steps in the right direction.
He even showed off on Monday as we walked down the hall to our physio room.

I am so proud of our little guy and am happy living in this moment, not wanting to always wish for what the future holds. To soak up all that he has accomplished so far. Spina Bifida is a whole lot of hurry up and wait and right now I want to take in the wait.