Mar 17, 2012

Hi, it's me again...not sure if anyone even still reads this lol.

I'm sorry it's been so long, but what can I say, I've been busy :)

We've had Christmas, a rockstart turning 2! and a lot of life in between.

I'm starting this post from work, but I will attempt to add pictures when I get home...but fear that will delay me in hitting the "post" button. So we'll see how that goes.

I will take the point form approach so I can get as much in as possible without making this extremely long.

~ Christmas was fantastic. The boys are a such a fun age (although that also makes the bad gift receivers sometimes...something we'll work on). We had the week after off as a family, and it just flew by. I worked Christmas Eve and then we were on the go until after boxing day with family events.

~ January we had Spina Bifida Clinic day. They are always so long, and become harder to entertain Zachary as he gets older. We met with Physio, Ortho, and the nurse. We would usually also see the Paediatrician and Urology, but we had recently seen Urology at Sick Kids and the Paed Dr wasn't there that day.
Zachary was a rockstar as usual. They were very impressed with how well he is walking, although they fear him developing contractures (shortening of the muscles because his knees are slightly bent all the time due to low tone in his ankles). PT suggested I put his braces back on, which I was fine with, but I just feel they are so limited. She said we would see what Ortho had to say. Zachary also has a pressure sore at the end of his tailbone that has been there for about a year...we have just not been able to get it to heal. Ortho wanted to check that out and we were sent home with some other techniques to try out (to date, it is looking fantastic! not completely healed, but well on it's way!) He was not too concerned about his knees and wanted us to commit to doing stretches on his legs to help.
I actually did put on his braces and he can actually barely walk in them. And I am getting close to saying I would like to have some sort of support for his ankles. As he gets heavier and more active I think he needs some extra support...truly I should just have him in shoes all the time and I think that would help (it's on my to do list :))

~ February 12th my baby turned 2. 2!!!!!! How that is possible I don't even know, but two years have come and gone since that terrifying day. And there is no more terror. Some times wonder, about what the future holds, but not with fear, just with curiosity. He is funny, sassy, and ALL boy. He loves to run up and down the hall, he loves Thomas the Train, Lightning McQueen, his brothers, playing outside and eating lol.

Two weeks after his birthday, I had a chance to speak to 300 high school students about my journey with Zachary and how it affected my faith. It was great. I trembling with nerves, but felt I did fine once I got going. I found it very therapeutic as well. My Dad is actually the Head Master of a Christian School in Toronto, so it was actually his school I spoke at. I think the fact I was there as his daughter made it more fearful, but I received a lot of compliments afterwards. Maybe I should go on the road LOL :)

~ We are now just finishing up March Break. It has been nice having the boys home, although I think they are now missing their school friends. I have also starting watching two other boys (ages 2 & 4), so that made for a busy household. All three boys have had coughs, still playing ok, but a little bit grouchier than I would like.

There is never a dull moment in our house, between getting to school, nap time, pick up from school, working, extracurricular activities...well you get the idea :)

Happy St Patrick's Day (I don't actually celebrate it, but thought I should extend the gesture)