Nov 25, 2010

We're almost there!! Zachary is getting closer and closer to making my house even busier!

He's been doing this back and forth business for about a week, part of me thought he would have taken off already...but one step, or knee at a time.
Everytime I watch him try to scoot around, I sit and say a little prayer "Come on Zachary you can do it" It's that part of me that just wants him to do what babies are supposed to do, and I want him to defy the odds and do it too. This is where the fear of SB and pure joy hit me at the same time. They are such extreme emotions all welled up into one moment. My brain takes off to 4 years in the future as I think about him starting school and at the same time, completely grounded in the present as I watch an actual miracle happen right infront of my eyes. Oh how I am so thankful to see a true miracle.

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Nov 16, 2010


How is it possible that I have a 6 year old?! I don't feel old enough to say I have a 6 year old (and try not to look old enough to have a 6 year old lol)

But alas this day has arrived. I spent last night and today thinking back to the those final days before Peyton arrived.  In true fashion to his personality today, he decided to arrive late.  He was due on the 6th and since there wasn't much sign of him coming, I was to be induced.  I was trying to remember all that was going through my head that night before I knew I was going to have a baby.  We found out Peyton was coming shortly after we were married, much sooner than we originally thought we would be starting a family. I was very excited to be pregnant, and soon realized it was not how I thought it was going to go.  I was SO sick, the WHOLE time. I definitely did not think about keeping that baby inside me that last night, I did not long to still have a baby kicking inside me. But I also remember feeling very content and ready to meet our first little one.
As terrible of a pregnancy I had, I had a wonderful labour. I often joke that I don't want to be pregnant again, but I would labour for anyone. Peyton arrived at 9.14pm weighing 8lbs 5oz. We were elated to have a boy and he started our family. Little did we know where we would be 6 years later.

Peyton is a fantastic boy. As I mentioned, he is not always the fastest moving kid...but that's because his little brain is always working.  He loves to read and is exceptional at math. He currently attends a French Immersion school and is coming along in his French.  He loves to play with Carter, for right now they are very good friends. He loves Star Wars, having battles with his light sabres and drawing all the characters. He has recently started skating lessons, and is doing fantastic. I love watching his determination, and succeed.
He is a perfect first boy, and I love watching him grow and seeing him become a real boy.

Nov 15, 2010

Zachary's Dedication

Yesterday was Zachary's baby dedication. We had a great church service followed by lunch at Swiss Chalet.
We are so grateful and blessed to have such amazing family and friends who were able to celebrate such a special occasion.
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Nov 12, 2010

9 months!!!

With each of my boys I felt like 9 months was such a milestone. It's that feeling that they have been around almost as long as they were in me.  Sometimes I wish my pregnancies would have flown by as fast as these past months have! (I have been blessed with 3 not-so-fun put it mildly lol)
Zachary has a Dr's appointment next week, and I am curious to see how much our little chunker weighs.  By my scale at home (you stand on the scale, then switch and stand with you and the baby, I'm sure it's very accurate) he's somewhere in the 19lbs mark...he sure has beefed up these past 2 months!
He is still as content as can be and finding ways to get around everywhere. I'm thinking the baby gates are going to have to come out soon...that roll can take him places fast.

Not sure if this video is going to work, but this is the response we get everytime we say "mama"
And sorry for the kink in your neck from trying to watch it :)

Nov 1, 2010

Love Beyond Measure

That is truly how I feel about Zachary. I have such a bond with him, that stems from the amount of time I spent with him in the beginning of his little life.
Lately I have found myself lamenting the future for him.  I just keep thinking it must be a bad dream, one that has lasted over a year...
If you read my previous posts, you can see Zachary is doing why all this ridiculousness?
For the most part I can live in a world of bliss, enjoying my baby doing baby things. But every time I lay him on the floor and wonder when he'll start crawling or change his diaper to help him get the poop out, I'm reminded of the what-ifs and unknowns. They are weighing on my mind more than usual these days. 
I want to keep him in a bubble forever, not have to let him go to school, wondering how he'll do interacting with other kids, if there will be anything that will set him apart from the other kids (other than his cuteness of course!) will he be the topic of conversation among parents or teachers...
It's hard enough being a kid, you never want anything else to make it harder. 
This may be a silly analogy...but I feel like someone trying to get pregnant and it's not happening, and I'm given the advice to "just not think about it"...and yet every month you get that little reminder that it didn't work again.  I just feel like I'm always being reminded and I don't know how to just enjoy the now.
It's just driving me crazy that I have this fantastically easy, squishable, giggling, bright eyed, happy baby, and all I can think about how this is all going to play out.

Well enough of worrying about the future...
Not when you have cuties like these hanging out in your house :)