Nov 25, 2010

We're almost there!! Zachary is getting closer and closer to making my house even busier!

He's been doing this back and forth business for about a week, part of me thought he would have taken off already...but one step, or knee at a time.
Everytime I watch him try to scoot around, I sit and say a little prayer "Come on Zachary you can do it" It's that part of me that just wants him to do what babies are supposed to do, and I want him to defy the odds and do it too. This is where the fear of SB and pure joy hit me at the same time. They are such extreme emotions all welled up into one moment. My brain takes off to 4 years in the future as I think about him starting school and at the same time, completely grounded in the present as I watch an actual miracle happen right infront of my eyes. Oh how I am so thankful to see a true miracle.

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  1. Go Zachary!! Oh, wow, he's so close!! It's so emotional when they get to that point, isn't it? But so much moreso because of how much harder he's had to work to get there. What a rockstar. Can't wait to see him moving!!

  2. Way to go Zachary!
    Look at him, just testing the waters and getting ready to take off!
    Maybe he's getting ready to show off his stuff this Thursday at group? (hint, hint...)

  3. YAY! He's soo close! My little K just started crawling this past couple days. I am still in shock, because we weren't sure if she would due to what seems to be some nerve issues in her left far so good!

    Can't wait to see him scooting across the floor!