Dec 6, 2011

Peyton is 7

7!?! I can hardly believe it.  I actually spend a good chunck of the day reminscing about his birth day, how aour sweet boy made me a Mom, made us parents. Other than eating CONSTANTLY in the beginning, he was such an easy baby. Calm, passive, content, smart (if I do so say myself). There was no lack of joy he brought me. When I get upset at him now, I try to think back to him being that little first born boy of ours and how I never yelled at him unitl Carter came along (oh Carter we love you).
He has adapted to so much over the past 7 years, and is still such a sweet boy. Now that he is in grade two, I wish I could bottle up everything about him. He is acting all grown up and can express so much, I can have a real conversation with him.
I pray he uses his brain for something wonderful, that he can use his perfectionism for greatness. That he stays sweet and grows into a wonderful gentleman.

Peyton we love you and thank you for making me a Mom!

Dec 5, 2011


We had a follow up appointment with urology today. I had told our Dr. in September that I had stopped giving Zachary Ditropan (a medication that slows the bladder down as Zachary has a bladder that works over time) a few months before.
Anyways, he wasn't very impressed that I didn't discuss it with him first, although I had expressed my dislike of the medicine when I saw him at SB Clinic in April.
So of course he wanted to see him in a few months to see how his bladder and kidneys were tolerating the lack of meds. Which is what brought us to today.
We had our ultra sound and after a long wait finally saw the Dr. And after a mix up on his part as to why we were there, he went and retrieved our ultrasound results.
And get this...his bladder is looking even better than the last one we had!!! Can you believe it?! He still has a neurogenic bladder and will still need some sort of medical intervention for his bladder later on...but for now all is looking well!
Just wanted to share our exciting news and apologize for our absence lately :)