The story of Zachary...

Welcome to my blog. This is a good place to start if you want to catch up on me and why I write what I write. While I have been blogging for a few years now, on October 2009 I stopped.  I went as far as deleting my whole blog.  My world had been rocked. I didn't want to blog about it. But that news was all I thought about.
We were introduced to the world of Spina Bifida. At a routine OB appointment, I was given the results of an ultrasound from two days before that indicated a malformation of the brain, which is an indicator of Spina Bifida.  We knew nothing else. We had been painted a pretty grim picture as they were unsure of where the lesion was, and it was thought to be very high.
Fast forward two days and we had another ultrasound.  Here we found out we were having a boy and yes he had Spina Bifida. We received better news as to where his lesion was and they didn't see hydrocephalus or clubbed feet (both are very common with SB).
The next four and a half months were filled with appointments, the what-ifs, tears and prayers.  The hardest part about being pregnant is the unknown. They can only predict so far before a baby is born and even then it's a lot of "wait and see."
I was blessed to have two beautiful distractions at home with me. My two older boys kept be busy and preoccupied, and now looking back, that time flew by.
It had been arranged that I would be induced two weeks before my due date. I was very thankful and fortunate to have a natural delivery, as most Mom's are given a c-section. One, to control the situation and two, less risk of the lesion rupturing.
My induction didn't go as planned, as they had no beds for Zachary, and I was sent home.  So much about my pregnancy went like that...failed plans.
The one wonderful thing about the induction being delayed, is that I went into labour on my own. I was induced with my other two, so it was a little exciting just going on my own and Zachary choosing his own birthday. Two days after the original induction date.
Zachary came nice and quickly after only and hour and a half of labour at 5.20pm.  He weighed 7lbs 10oz. That evening was busy with him being transported over to Sick Kids in Toronto and waiting to see when he would have his surgery to repair his back.
We received a phone call the next morning to come meet with the neurosurgeon.  Zachary would have his surgery at one day old. The surgery lasted four and a half hours and he did fantastic.
His hospital stay would last 11 days. He was to remain on his stomach or side for the next nine weeks, but other than that he was just perfect. 
All my children are miracles in every sense of the word. Zachary is a miracle by how he has shown the Dr's what he is capable off, despite his diagnosis. 
So now you may be wondering why I have a blog again...
I actually have to give credit to a fellow SB Mom. I stumbled across her blog when I was googling some information on SB when Zachary was 6 weeks old.  Her story about her little boy inspired me. I realized I sometimes just needed to put things into words and also found a fantastic online world of other families experiencing the same journey as I. You can find some of their blogs among the blogs I follow on the right side of the page.
And although I began my new blogging journey about Zachary, you will find it doesn't consume my time on here.  Most posts are about my life in general, with updates along the way of how amazing Zachary is doing. But outside his diagnosis, I have a wonderful family of all boys, with an incredible husband that has made all my childhood dreams come true.
Thank you for joining me on my journey of a lifetime. One that has more joy than sorrow and more laughter than tears.

I have never posted pictures of Zachary's back, until now.  Since this is his story, I feel I can share them.