Nov 12, 2010

9 months!!!

With each of my boys I felt like 9 months was such a milestone. It's that feeling that they have been around almost as long as they were in me.  Sometimes I wish my pregnancies would have flown by as fast as these past months have! (I have been blessed with 3 not-so-fun put it mildly lol)
Zachary has a Dr's appointment next week, and I am curious to see how much our little chunker weighs.  By my scale at home (you stand on the scale, then switch and stand with you and the baby, I'm sure it's very accurate) he's somewhere in the 19lbs mark...he sure has beefed up these past 2 months!
He is still as content as can be and finding ways to get around everywhere. I'm thinking the baby gates are going to have to come out soon...that roll can take him places fast.

Not sure if this video is going to work, but this is the response we get everytime we say "mama"
And sorry for the kink in your neck from trying to watch it :)


  1. So cute!! Love hearing his little voice! Kingsley won't say anything close to Mama. Just dadadadadadada all day long. So unfair! ;)

  2. Such a cute little voice! Nick isn't talking yet. Just dadada and bababa and raspberries! He'd probably talk more if he quick sticking his tongue out!
    I always thought that 9 months was such a milestone as well. And such a cute little 9 month old too!