May 10, 2010

Wow I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted.  Last week just seemed to fly by with nothing special to report about it...just living life.
My run last week was less than fantastic. I had zero energy and we also did a longer route which also made it tougher. I was so disappointed in myself for how poorly I did.  But I am still loving it. Loving getting out of the house and just doing something that hopefully one day will become an addictive habit.
We went to Canada's Wonderland last Saturday (May1).  I turned out to be a longer day than what I thought, but the kids had a blast. We had to wait out the rain when we first got there, but it ended up being a pretty hot day.  We primarily did the kiddie rides, and they were long line ups.  Hard to convince a 3 year old that it really will be worth the wait in the end. :)  Peyton was the perfect age. He had a blast.  Carter's favourite thing was the maze, yup the free maze in the middle of kiddieville.  Ryan and Cory (the husband of the other couple we went with) tried the sledgehammer. And then we finished our day with Cory and I going on the Skyflyer. It's the bungycord one that pulls you up to 153 feet (15 stories) and then you freefall reaching winds up to about 100km/hr.  It was actually quite fun!
The boys were so good the whole day, even Zachary.  We had thought we would be leaving at around 4 or so, but didn't get home until 8.30.  We were all exhausted :)

A few shots I took today of the boys sans Peyton
Some good tummy time

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