Jan 20, 2011

Well once again here I am back from a blogging hiatus.  I didn't even post about Zachary turning 11 months! I have had a grand time catching up on all the blogs I follow, but have neglected my own (good thing I'm not all that exciting and don't have too many people following me...)
I have been busy doing nothing...well nothing notable anyways. Zachary did turn 11 months, and once again I'm at a loss as to where the time goes.
I go back to work next week...:(  Thankfully I am part-time and can enjoy the best of both worlds, a little adult time and still being with my kids the majority of the time.
The next month serves to be a busy one. I have 9 appointments in the next 5 weeks, it always seems ot work that way. We haven't been to TO since Zachary's surgery in September and now we find ourselves there 3 times in 3 weeks.  We finally have Zachary's MRI, we originally had to cancel the one in December because he was sick.  Unfortuately that sickness hasn't really gone away (although should be fine to be sedated), I think he might have seasonal asthma. We also have the post op for his surgery (I had to call to get that one booked...longer story, but very annoyed that they didn't even know what was going on and I had to inform them that we only had so long before the second surgery had to be completed).
Over all he is doing so well. His crawling gets him everywhere, and he is now attempting to pull himself up! I'm at that crossroads of wanting him to do everything and feeling so blessed for how far he's come.  I think I'm starting to get used to the "hurry up and wait" feeling (well not really used to it, but trying to realize it's our new reality :))

Here's my little man at 11 months

This boy loves the iPod...

Sporting his new cap my girlfriend made for him


  1. I was wondering where you and Zachary had disappeared to! (But totally understand!!!)
    11 months already - wow!
    I hate having all those appointments - it seems like you have a couple of months where you get a break and then BAM lots of appointments.

    We are seeing Ainsley for ST. And we'll miss you at group That's lousy you have to work Thursdays! I guess that means we just need to get together for our own baby group!

  2. I forgot to mention... LOVE the hat and the kneeling pictures!

  3. He's doing so awesome!!

    I know what you mean about all the appointments. Kingsley has something like 12 in January alone. Insane! All the 1 year check ups and post ops and therapy... Hopefully it slows again. I prefer non-eventful! :)