Jan 30, 2011

Well work was a success! (Hopefully my boss thinks so too! lol)
It all went well and I seem to remember most of what I was supposed to do and didn't make any mistakes. :)
I worked a long day on Saturday and I talked about going home for lunch, but the thought of one of them even making a small comment about me staying home was not something I wanted to think about. But other than that one thought, I was totally fine...no tears :) And infact, when I got home on Saturday, the only one happy to see me was Zachary...the other two wanted Jan to stay! So while it's nice to feel loved, there is a lot of comfort knowing they are so happy with the person who it here in my absence.
Working yesterday sure made the weekend feel short and it's hard to believe we're back into the regular routine tomorrow.

Can I say again at how proud I am of Zachary?! My camera seemed to be MIA today :( Which was truly sad as I had a couple perfect video moments of him standing up and even taking a couple steps around the toy he had climbed on (criusing style). So hopefully the camera will appear soon and you won't have to just read my description of what he's doing, you'll be able to share in a bit of my joy. :)


  1. Yay way to go everyone!
    I found it amazing how you get back in the swing of work pretty quickly. And it is always really nice to know that your kids are so happy with the person who looks after them. Of course not quite as nice as them being happy when you get home!

  2. Congrats on getting back to work!
    I always found it so bittersweet having someone there that the girls liked. You want them to miss you... but not that much. ;)
    Can't wait to see Zachary in motion!!