Jan 22, 2011

Peyton lost his first tooth! He has been wiggling that thing for the past week or so, anxiously awaiting when it would finally dislodge itself.  Then finally at 3.24AM, he proudly came in to wake me up letting my know it had fallen out. He said "it almost went down to my belly, but I stopped it"...I was glad he didn't swallow it. :)
He wanted to take it to school the next day to show his teacher and friends and then last night was the big night to see if the tooth fairy would appear.
I'm not usually a big fan of made up characters that children whole heartedly believe in, but the tooth fairy doesn't seem to bother me (I think I'm not a fan of Santa or the Easter Bunny, because they take away from real celebration). I was actually quite excited to sneak in his room and slowly and cautiously switch the tooth for some money.
It feels like kids get through all their "firsts" in the first two years of their life. It was really fun to be apart of a first for Peyton that he will actually remember.

My toothless monster :)

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