Jan 26, 2011


Boy am I exhausted...this day really took the wind out of me.
Zachary was scheduled for a routine MRI back in December, but do to an illness (that ended up lasting almost 2 months) it was rescheduled. And today was the big day. We received our dieting restrictions, because he had to be sedated. I stressfully planned how I was going to get everyone where they needed to be and we were out of the house by 7.45am.  I kept Carter out of school, just because of logistics since he and Peyton are at different schools this year. So he came along with us, and the 'us' includes my Mom, who graciously offered to come along and I am so thankful she did.
So after leaving Peyton at the bus stop, we headed off to the 401. For those of you not familiar with this heavily traveled highway, it is jammed from 6am to 10am for rush hour traffic...not so fun.  We were to be there for 10 to check in (we were told to be very prompt or the appt would be cancelled) and our appointment was for 11. So we were very prompt, however they were not.  I was told they were running about an hour and a half behind. Not so fun news when you have a fasting baby! But of course Zachary was a rockstar, not a peep out of him! He was happy the whole time. He was taken in just after noon and we were to come back about an hour later. I was in with him while they were putting him to sleep and it was very hard to walk away from him. That was when the day took the wind out of me. I felt a flood of emotions as I left.  And then I felt sort of dumb..."it's only an MRI!...we have been through much worse" But it's funny how you never know when those thoughts are going to sneak up on you.
So we came back and waited and waited and waited.... 2 1/2hours later and I was able to go see him.  I think he was just as exhausted from the day as I was, and was enjoying his nap :)
So needless to say I was very late getting Peyton from school (don't worry a wonderful friend of mine came to my rescue and picked him up). And because of everything taking longer, we were smack in the middle of afternoon rush hour!  So it was after 5pm that Zachary finally ate something again, almost 24hrs but he was smiles the whole day.  He truly never ceases to amaze me :)
So we spent 4 hours in traffic, 3 1/2 hours waiting, for an hour MRI (yes there is 1/2 hour missing...took that long to get the IV in :( 
All I can say now, is thank you for listening to me vent out my day, that took a greater toll on my emotions than I thought it would.

And wish me luck tomorrow as I head back to work!  Boy a year flies by!


  1. Ugh!!! I'm anxious for ours tomorrow. It's at 2:30 in the afternoon!! :( So cruel to make a baby fast for that long.

    SO glad that Zachary was a rockstar... as if he'd be anything less ;) Hugs to you! It IS nervewracking. The going-to-sleep part is hard on me, too. Even if it is for something as 'simple' as an MRI.

    Back to work! Good luck!!!

  2. At least the day is over!
    Nick's last MRI was when he was still an infant and didn't need to be sedated. Not looking forward to June when we go back.
    And traffic really sucks!
    I always try to bring my father with me when we go to Sick Kids (that and I HATE driving downtown). Makes GoTrain and Subway look a little invitin!

    When your child is going to sleep - it isn't simple. Certainly makes a very emotional day - so vent away!

    Good Luck with work tomorrow! I personally found it nice being back in the adult world. But letting someone else take over for your continuous care is never easy. Hope the work days passes really quickly for you!