Jan 23, 2011

So I think it is safe to say that Zachary is pulling himself up to stand! He can't pull himself up on everything (like the couch, he can't quite get a grip on it), but the bottom of the stairs and his fisher price chair toy are consistently being used as standing devices. He also likes to stand on all fours...like a downward dog. Tonight I even watched him stand up, fix his feet and take one step closer to where he wanted to be...that was a little tear jerker for me.  Am I actually able to think about him walking at a developmentally appropriate age? The one thing I found while I was pregnant, I couldn't think about any scenario, because I didn't have all the variables. I am totally a data/fact person.  And the same has gone with all the milestones Zachary reaches...do I get excited now, or am I jumping the gun and it really doesn't mean anything.  Boy, as I write this it sure sounds like I'm pretty pessimistic!...lol  Truly I'm not :)...(says all the pessimistic people LOL) I really am a hopeless romantic, optimistic to the core, data loving person...and yes you can mix the two. :)
Anyways, so it's hard for me to put into words my mixed emotions of feeling like I always knew he would do these things, and realizing the joy that he IS actually doing these things.
But I am celebrating, celebrating a moment that was meant to happen, but is no less a miracle.


  1. How AMAZING!!! That is so fantastic! GO ZACHARY!!! Nothing is going to hold back that little boy!

  2. Zachary is doing AMAZING!!!
    I completely know what you means about getting excited or jumping the gun! It's so hard - even with the amazing progress Zachary is doing!
    No one told that boy that he isn't supposed to be doing something! Celebrate away!