Dec 28, 2010

What at week!! First off, Merry Christmas!!! I truly love Christmas, love the lights, the atmosphere, the sheer joy it brings to my boys and the shopping...well maybe not the shopping (however I did discover the art of online shopping this year)
This was also Zachary's first Christmas. It seem sort of strange having an almost 11 month old celebrating for the first time. My other two were so little at this time of the year.
Sadly this years Christmas festivities were filled with flu, fevers, coughing and funerals.  Last week at this time, we were replacing interior doors in our house and getting ready for a drive out to London (about 3 hours away) to support a dear friend who had lost her Dad, when we received a phone call from the school saying Carter was sick. And so our week began...
While we were in London, the older boys stayed with a girlfriend of mine...poor Carter cried the whole time. This was actually the 3rd fever he had in the past 4 weeks, although each time the fever broke and he went on his way, but I thought we better get him checked out.  So as soon as we returned from London, off to Urgent Care we went.  Thankfully (although sometimes it's annoying) there was nothing they could find wrong. Upon our return from the clinic, I walked in the door to find Peyton was brewing his own fever.  That was the start of the dreaded flu spreading through our house the week before Christmas.  So our well layed plans to have a date night, finish our shopping and sit back and relax was thwarted.
But amidst all the chaos, we truly had a wonderful Christmas...all 5 of them!  Yup, I said 5, beginning on Thursday with Ryan's Dad and ending at my parents on Sunday.  We did end up cancelling our Christmas Eve plans due to our sickness (so now we only had 4 lol).

Now that I have bored you with all my Christmas details, we truly had a wonderful time and were blessed and spoiled. Now Ryan heads back to work tomorrow and I am going to enjoy a day at home and try and bring some order to this place we call home, while the boys play with their new toys.

Zachary is crawling in full force, time to break out the baby gates. Each time I see him take off, I truly sit in awe (although I don't get to sit for long!).  It is amazing to actually watch a miracle happen in front of your eyes. I'm already thinking about the next step though, as we were told once he starts to pull himself up they will look at sizing him for afo's or orthodics of some sort. He doesn't plant himself flat on his feet, he stands on his heels, which of course is not good for balance. So I'm looking forward to next Thursday when we head to Spina Bifida group at Bloorview.

And I promise some pictures soon...:)

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