Dec 17, 2010

So one of the services that we have in Ontario is called Infant Development.  I had sort of forgotten about them, but now that they have been here, I'm so glad we finally met.  Katie came over on Wednesday. The first visit is filled with paper work, but somehow we managed to do more than paperwork.  We chatted about EVERYTHING, and 3 1/2 hours later...I couldn't believe she had stayed that long! I had to check the clock 3 times to believe it was right. So aside from the obvious connection we made, I feel she is going to be such a valuable resource. I still feel there is so much I don't know about what's out there and how to apply for things or find things that could help us. And not only is this her career, she also lives it, having two boys with Down Syndrome. So I really feel like she has a bigger concern for her clients.
Infant Development is set up to help with in home therapy, (following along with the therapy Zachary is receiving at Grandview) a resource for any grants or tax credits (paper work etc) will accompany you to appointments if you want, and just anything little that comes up that you're unsure about, she will even help me find daycare when the time comes.
She is coming back on Thursday, I am looking forward to what she has for Zachary and some help for me with government forms. :)

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  1. We have Katie too!
    She just seems to get me, and is so easy to talk to, and has that personal experience that you just can't get from school. It's really lousy that you had to wait so long - but she is definatley worth the wait!