Aug 2, 2010

Kitchen Renos

Last weekend we started our makeover for our kitchen. This was long over due!  The WHOLE kitchen was yellow, including the ceiling, along with a sunflower border. The lighting was old school florescents that reminded you of being in a cafeteria.
First task was taking down the lighting and getting that ceiling white. That made a huge difference in itself.
We are now done the painting, replaced the lighting and have almost conquered the backsplash.  We will hopefully finish grouting that today.
The terrible yellow, and this is just painted on thanfully!
Some old Some new
The new lighting
Backsplash on. Still needs grout and the window trim needs to painted and coverings to be replaced.
It looks so much better and we wish we had started it sooner.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing what a difference just the backsplash makes! Looks awesome. I can't wait to redo our hideous kitchen.