Aug 27, 2010

Last weekend we packed up and went to a friends cottage. The boys were super excited! Unfortunately the forecast wasn't one we would have picked, but we had a great time anyways. Another couple went up with their little boy as well and she commented on the nice room we got...I am beginning to realize there are perks to having the most kids. We may work the hardest, but we always get the nicest room :) lol
The cottage is right on the Trent River and close to one of the locks. So we walked up just in time to miss 2 boats going through and then never saw it used again. And I must say a lift lock is not something that is very kid friendly to hang around for very long. But it was cool to see how high the boats are carried through the lock.
We only stayed the one night, and supper on Saturday was DELICIOUS! There was steak, corn on the cob, taco salad, roasted veggies and the best potatoes I've ever had.
Had to take a picture showing that Ryan actually contributed LOL
Zachary hanging out
Lock 14 on the Trent River
Just the 2 of us
Abby and Carter at the Waterfall
Playing at the waterfall

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  1. Cottage life is awesome, isn't it? :) Great pictures!