Aug 23, 2010

So it has been a busy past week! In my last post, I comment that we drove Ryan to work on our way to the beach. We drove him that morning because he was in his cousins wedding the next day and had the rehearsal to go to, and I was meeting up with him the next day.
I split the kids up while we were away, as I felt more comfortable having Zachary with just one person. I was originally going to take him, but we found out that there were going to be balloons in the decorations. The wedding was in Tweed, about a 2 hour drive from here. I had good company for the drive, as Jenny and Cory came along with me.
We unfortunately didn't have high expectations for this wedding...we pretty much figured it was going to be a gong show. And for the most part it was, but we still had a good time, because we made our own fun :)
And there wasn't a balloon in sight...and even though I missed him, it was nice not having a baby attached to me for the day and just hang out

Our travelling buddies, and great friends that made the day so fun :)

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