Jul 27, 2010

Mini Renos

This past weekend we started our mini renovation on our kitchen. This room has needed a face lift for a long time, but just seemed like it was going to be too time consuming.  When we moved in, it was yellow...sunflower yellow with a sunflower border to boot. And not only that, they had painted the ceiling the same colour. So we had a yellow box for a kitchen. It seemed like painting the ceiling was what was holding us back.  But we finally got at it. The ceiling turned out fantastic, the paint went on so well. We took down the old tacky florescent lights, and that alone made a world of difference. The walls are now a pretty dusty olive. Next weekend we tackle the backsplash.
I can't wait to take after pictures!

We have also started painting out the trim downstairs and bought new doors. Not sure when we'll get around to hanging those, but it sure will brighten up the place.  We have all wood trim in a house that does not get much natural light...not a good combo. The white makes a world of difference.

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