Jul 18, 2010

Rice or no rice...
Once again I feel at a loss for what I know and don't know.  From my other SB bloggers I have learned that rice is not the best cereal to start with because it often will constipate a baby. I also brought up this question when I was at the Spina Bifida clinic last month, and the nurse agreed.
We were at the Dr's on Monday for Zachary's check up and he asked if I had started solids yet. I said no and let him know I really wanted to wait until the 6 month point so his digetive system is that much more mature.  I then stated that info I knew about rice.  He sort of chuckled and said rice doesn't constipate.  No rice is the best cereal to start with. When you start getting into oatmeal and things like that you run into the risk of celiac problems.  Rice has the least amount of allergy risks and it does not constipate.

It's not a case that I think that he's right or wrong, it's just one more thing that you think you are sure about and then a medical professional has another opinion.  On this road of spina bifida, there is so much I don't know that I don't know yet. And it's killing me. I like to know everything about everything. And when I think I have done enough research or listened to enough stories to feel like I have a grip on things...a curve ball gets thrown at me.
So I do feel a little torn on what to do in a months time when Zachary can enjoy a meal from a spoon.

rice or no rice that is the question...

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  1. Just do what you think is best! I don't know if there's a right or wrong. I figure one way or another the issues are coming, right? So do what you feel is best. If you start with rice and he does have problems, stop the rice. If he's okay, he's okay. King's been doing alright with what he's eaten so far. It felt like the biggest decision in the world regarding what would be his first food.