Mar 30, 2010

To begin this post, I would suggest you start with the previous one. It will help with the flow of things. :)
...It was still hard to believe this was all happening. The next few months were followed with Dr's appointments and as much research as I could find. We had decided only to tell a handfull of people. My husband and I are just private sort of people.
Each appointment we had included an ultrasound and each ultrasound gave another positive to the outcome. Of course there is only so much they can determine from an ultrasound and so much they can predict before the baby is born.
Our first appointment was with the genetics department at Mt Sinai. They gave us some great info and set up a meeting with a neurosurgeon at Sick Kids. The counsellor was going over the U/S report from Oshawa and the tech had put what the sex was. So we found out we were having a boy. We had both thought we were having a girl. Already being blessed with two boys, I did want a girl. Of course when they are here you wouldn't trade them for anything else, but to buy some pretty dresses would have been fun. :)
So to this point we knew our little boy had myelomeningocele and it was located at S1 S2 in the spine. That is a low part of the spine, which is good (well the best case sinario for our situation). And no hydrocephalus was present thus far (fluid on the brain) and his head was actually smaller than his gestation age. That in itself was remarkable. For those of you who have not met my husband, he was not blessed with a small head. :)
My OB at Mt Sinai thought everything looked good for me to have a natural delivery. That really surprised us since everything we read said C section. I was willing to have a C section, but after having two natural and very fast deliveries, it wasn't what I wanted. My husband must have asked a thousand times to make sure it was safe, and he didn't see why not.
So the months pass on and we get our induction date, February 10th @ 4pm. I would be 38 weeks at that time.
We make all our arrangements and head to the hospital. After we are checked in and hooked up to monitors, the head nurse come in to explain there is no bed. What do you mean there's no bed?! There was no bed at Sick Kids for the baby. While we can all appreciate that if a baby is born and needs care, we want them to have a bed. The troubling part of all this, was we weren't aware this could happen. So 2 hours after arriving we were heading home, with instructions to call the next day to see if there was room. This was a Wednesday and my husband was only off until Friday. Thankfully that weekend was Family Day, so he had 6 days off. But now with the change, it could mean he won't be around very long after the birth. It was a sad feeling.
So we called room.
We called Friday, and waited for them to call back. While we waited, I told Ryan I was going to tell them I wasn't feeling right...some cramping, more pressure. While I mildly had some cramping, it wasn't anything to get excited about. They called back and thanfully told us to come in. Once again we made the drive back to TO.
When we arrived they were cleaning our room, so we went to the waiting room. While there, I was having contractions. My Mom insisted on timing them and low and behold they were 2-3 minutes apart lasting for 45 sec. Yes I could feel them, but they weren't very intense.
Once in the labour room and all hooked up, the Dr came in to discuss induction options. When she checked me I was already 3 cm and so she broke my water. So no induction necessary. :)
My water was broken at 3.13pm. And little Zachary arrived at 5.20 pm. Hooray for fast deliveries!
He was whisked away to another room to be wrapped up and within the hour or so we were able to see him. Except for the big white bandage around him...he looked absolutely perfect!
We then waited for transport over to Sick Kids Hospital, where he would remain the rest of his hospital stay.

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  1. Wow! So similar to our story and our boy! Their lesions in the same place, the no-hydro in utero, the husbands with big heads... ;) I'm glad you got to have a natural delivery! It took me a long time to be okay with a c/s and an eternity to recover from it.