Apr 20, 2011

Hate is a strong word, one that we encourage our two older boys not too use, but I am going to use a "bad" word and say Zachary HATES his afo's :(

I was all excited in anticipation with this day. I couldn't wait to see the potential the afo's would give Zachary. That he would rock them out and surely take his first steps (well I wasn't that delusional) but I thought he would see a freedom in how they helped him stand.

That was not the case. If you have ever met my sweet boy, he is just that...sweet. compliant, happy and non fussy. Needless to say we did not have any of those characteristics yesterday. He was sad the moment they went on. He seem to be paralyzed with fear at the possibility that he could still move his feet in a forward motion. We walked up and down the hall a couple times, which he did like, but stared at those things on his legs the whole time. His sad little whimper seeming to ask me what I was doing to him, was more than I thought I was going to have to handle that day.
They fit perfectly and are decked out in Maple Leafs, Colts and Blue Jays logos (yes Ryan was given the go ahead to pick whatever he liked, I truly didn't care)

We got home and I put them back on him again and that sad little face just broke my heart.
Now, I know how amazing he his doing. Not all SB families can write about the same story I am. And all the sad faces would not make me change his progress for a second, but it still broke my heart none the less.
He doesn't even want to crawl, he just sits there looking sad.
It made me jaded about the whole thing, and that is my biggest prayer, that I don't ever feel that way. Sure I can have days of this sucks and I wish, but I don't want it to cloud my actual outlook on life. I hurt for him, that he thought I was doing something terrible to him.

I know over time he will get used to them and I'm not in the least bit concerned that he has them in the first place, but yesterday was plain old hard.

Showing off the new gear

The gear
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The ONLY smile I got out of him...pretended I was playing peek-a-boo

Hurry up and wait...

Sad face looking out the window


  1. The first day Nate got his SMOs, he absolutely hated them. The next day he pulled up and cruised for the first time, and he hasn't complained about them since. When he figures out he can move better in them, he won't question them.

  2. OH! Sad face is so sad. :( I hope he ends up liking them soon. He does look super cute standing there with his jeans and adorable sneaks.

  3. Oh, poor Zachary! I hate the sad face!
    I hope he'll get used to them soon, hopefully it is just an age - I-dont'-like-anything-that-is-new stage.
    Maybe once he knows that sad face won't get him what he wants, he'll stop that stubborness!
    And just because he is doing great - doesn't mean you can't be worried, or write about things! Each on of our kids have their own challenges, and we all need to stick together!