Sep 28, 2010

That Day

...that day, it will be remembered like no other. I sat in the Dr's office waiting for my second OB appointment, having just had an ultrasound two days before. 
That day would bring my world down around me. That day would make me apart of a club that I never wanted to join. That day would teach me how strong my husband and I are and cherish the two beautiful boys that were already in my life.  That day would bring more tears I ever wanted to cry and confirmed a faith I knew would never fail me.
That date will forever be one I won't be able to shake, I won't ever mark in on the calendar, it will never be celebrated with a party, but it will always be an important one...
SEPTEMBER 30, 2009
I know it's still two days away, but even now I contemplate how I will feel that day. And I write this post two days early, because on that day Zachary will be in surgery.  Thankfully nothing major, but surgery none the less.
So I will either be very distracted or I will have a horrible breakdown as the memories of his first surgery will consume me. I have been to sick kids a dozen times in the past 7 months, but never back to that waiting room or recovery room.

...that day, I hope I can use that anniversary to show how far we have come and rejoice in the milestones and victories Zachary and our family have accomplished.


  1. ((HUGS))
    What a day. And to commemorate it with another surgery! Oh, rough. You guys have come so far though, so so so far. There's so much more joy in your life now then you could've ever imagined a year ago. Zachary is an amazing little boy.

    I'll be thinking of you guys on Thursday.

  2. Is it that day already! Big Hugs! I'll be thinking of you guys and sending good thoughts tomorrow!
    Hope thoughts of what a great kid Zachary is, how far you've come will bring you through your time in the waiting room.

  3. Will definitely be thinking of you all and praying tomorrow, and especially for you Stephanie. Us Mom's tend to carry so much on our shoulders (and in our arms) and yet must bring the day together for our little ones; love, encouragement, support, mentoring, teaching...LIFE.
    God Bless you guys and be with Zachary tomorrow.

  4. Thinking and praying for you today:)