Sep 19, 2010

Carter is 4!

Well his actually birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we had his little party today, so I thought I would quickly get a post in.
Just as I commented on him going to JK...this truly makes me feel old. Where has the time gone.
Carter is the cutest, sweetest little boy.  He loves social interaction, is very witty and never lacks chatter. But he gives me a run for my money in the sassy factor :)
He was absolutely the best opening his presents today.  He had a great reaction for all of them..."oh it's a shirt!" lol
I love you to pieces little man, and hope your zest for life contributes to this world in a big way!

"Clutch Powers" Lego Cake


  1. I LOL'ed at 'oh, it's a shirt!' I can totally picture it!! That's so great. Love the cake! Happy Birthday Carter!!

  2. Great job on the cake! Wow! My boys also love Clutch Powers, do you have the movie??
    Happy Birthday Carter!!!

  3. Yes we have the movie...the boys love it