Jun 16, 2010

So our trip to neuro was another long day, but came away with encouraging news.  We don't have to continue with regular head ultrasounds.  They want to do an MRI in six months, but other than that, no more visits at this time.
While I was there today, I did a quick tutorial on using a catheter.  I used them while he was still in the hospital, but thought it best to give it a try while there was a nurse present.  She said I did great, so we'll see how I do tomorrow all on my own with no one to hold his legs. If anyone out there has any tips, feel free to pass them along.

On Friday I have a follow up appointment for Carter. I'm not sure if I had mentioned he was going for some testing because he was getting headaches. His MRI was last week and now we see the Dr. I truly do not think anything will be on it.

So nice last Wednesday, I have been to 5 appointments...no wonder my house needs a little help. Although I do have to sing the praises of Mrs Sawyer who watches the boys while I'm gone. She has helped out tremendously with cleaning the house. I don't feel nearly as overwhelmed as what I could.

So tomorrow I plan on doing nothing :)

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  1. Yay for no more head u/s's! That's great!

    Do you need to hold his legs down because he kicks when you're cath'ing him? Kingsley doesn't kick his feet much. I just sort of rest my wrists/forearms on his upper thighs when I do it. Sometimes it goes in a cup, sometimes in his diaper. If it's in a cup, hold the cup. If it's in the diaper, hold the catheter. If nothing's happening, I put his legs in a sitting position - right angles, but not pushed into his chest, does that make sense? It cues him to push which gets things going. We were also told you can sit him up to get things going, but that doesn't work for King. KY is cheapest at Costco! ;)

    Those are my only tricks! It will get pretty routine though, soon enough. Sometimes I curse it, but mostly I don't even think about it.