Jun 18, 2010

So the home care nurse just left.  I don't think we'll be in their program for long, which is fine with me.  I was just reading another SB mom's blog and she mentioned how she went around cleaning her house for the visit of an in home program.  And for that reason alone, I'm looking forward to not having anyone come in my house. Today was a gong show anyways, trying to get Carter to his appointment, dropping off the other two boys and getting back home to try and get things ready for the nurse. So needless to say my house was not the way I wanted it to be...that stresses me out.  Zachary was great although he was very tired.  She did the paper work and left about an hour later.  I sort of feel like it's a waste of their time to come and watch me...but better to be in the system now than potentially be on a waiting list later.

The two older boys and Ryan are off to a father/son camping trip tonight.  I must admit I'm looking forward to being by myself with just Zachary. This past week I have had 6 Dr's appointments in 9 days...I am exhausted.  Here's to him sleeping in tomorrow!! (yeah we'll see about that lol)
Today also marks one year since I found out Zachary was on his way. I know the other days I found out with my other boys, but this one adds new meaning. Considering what I would then encounter 3 months from now. I think that anniversary will be much harder.

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  1. The anniversaries are so heavy. Enjoy your alone time with Zachary!