Sep 20, 2011

Carter is 5!!

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My sweet middle boy is 5 today. We usually refer to him as the "medium brother" as he fits the big brother and little brother role :)  Carter is still the same firecracker he has always been. He has a zest for life like no other, yet he is so sweet and more compassionate than the other two (although Zachary has time to grow into that trait) He loves school and nascar and playing playing playing. That's definitely how he learns. No textbooks for this boy, he's all hands on. He is funny and witty. Always getting the joke and a quick one liner.
I hope I can continue to foster his energy, as there are some days I wish he had an off button. lol
He is loud ALL.THE.TIME. And don't let his small frame deceive you, he makes a lot of noise with those feet :) He loves being with his big brother and is very excited to be at school with him this year.

Happy Birthday little man! You are loved beyond belief 


  1. LOL!!! I love this! I wonder if it's a middle child thing, because there are some parts of his description that match Cordelia exactly. ;) Happy 5th little guy!!