Feb 18, 2011

Nothing says I love you like a pair of sneakers...

Ryan bought me running shoes for Valentine's Day, and while that might seem like an unconventional present, I truly love them. My old pair of runners, were just that...old. And in the fall I stepped in dog poo while raking leaves (I might add we do NOT have a dog...was not impressed with that one) and they were ruined. This served as a good excuse to buy a new pair, but I wasn't willing to just go out and buy some.
I was totally surprised when I opened the box! I have now jogged 4 days in a row and hope that this becomes an addictive habit for me. And of course when I am more active, it also helps me make better choices with what I eat. So here's hoping the combination adds to a fantastic body! LOL
The weight that I gained with my 3rd baby is not disappearing as it did with the others. That's not to say I was skinny after the other two, but I got down to a much more comfortable weight in a faster time period. I decided to blog about it to just put it out there and hope it provides me some inspiration to keep going. My goal is obviously to lose weight, but I would like to be able to run 5k in 30min by the end of May.

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  1. ME TOO!! Although I've been saying that for a year now. Are you doing the C25K? Ugh... the hospital stays keep getting me off track. I haven't been back on my treadmill since the MRI news that King was having his detethering. Must do that! Hey, we should organize a 5K for SB awareness in June. That way we'll HAVE to do it!