Oct 18, 2010

Bloorview Visit

Yeah, my baby is a rockstar...
Not that I'm bias or anything :)
But Zachary had a great visit at Bloorview this morning. Kim the PT, watched him play and was quite impressed. She was also very happy with his cognitive abilities (yeah he's smart too, lol).
She gave me a few things to help him along, like transitioning him from sitting to lying and vice versa.
She had no concerns about him at this time, he is right on track!
As he gets a bit older and starts trying to pull himself up to stand, she will look at getting him some AFO's (ankle foot orthotics). Zachary doesn't plant his feet, he stands on his heels, so the they will help him balance.

She apologized that we came so far to not really accomplish anything...I said No Problem! I love hearing good news, it was well worth my drive.